Charlotte Indian Christian Fellowship (CICF) is a group of like-minded Indian Christians from various churches in the Charlotte area who gather together for fellowship, prayer and bible study. We are inter-generational, diverse regional ethno-linguistic and different socioeconomic background but we are united in and by Christ.

Our Focus

Our focus is two fold – to meet the needs of our spiritual growth as individuals, by means of Bible study in various groups, encouraging one another in times of challenges, rejoicing in times of God’s faithfulness and maintaining a cordial relationship with one another based on the Biblical principles. Secondly, to reach out to the “neighbors” without having any agenda of our own but to wait on the Lord to open doors for evangelism, as He has done in the past in amazing ways. We only give glory to God.

Our Purpose


To present the claims of Jesus Christ so that other Indians in the Charlotte area may come to a personal experience of Him as Savior, Lord and God, through the new birth.


To have fellowship with all Indian Christians in the Charlotte area of like precious faith for mutual help and growth in the Christian life, especially by means of Bible study and prayer, and to encourage one another in witnessing for Christ.


To raise in the Indian Community in Charlotte a testimony to the truths of the historic Christian faith, and present their message for the whole of life and the problems of mankind.

Statement of Faith

These are our doctrinal statements. Together, they form our statements of faith. They are evangelical, interdenominational, historical and scriptural in nature.

  • Trinity – There is one God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Scriptures – The divine inspiration and infallibility of the Holy Scriptures.
  • Salvation – All humanity is fallen since the fall, and redemption is only through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ.
  • Resurrection – The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
  • Holy Spirit – The work of the Holy Spirit is to draw people to Christ and to grow people in Christ.
  • Church – The Church is universal and comprised of all believers
  • Return – The expectation of the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Come Join Us

When: Every Third Saturday @ 4:30pm

Where : Calvary Church – Mini Gym, Pineville-Matthews Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226